[kde-linux] How can I prevent right-clicking on the KDEmenuicon?

Stewart Ship stewartship at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 19 10:46:12 UTC 2006

Someone please tell me how to get off this mailing list?  Keep getting about
twenty messages a day.

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Sorry Kevin, that does not work. The right-click is disabled on the task
bar only,  but not on the KDE icon (start-of-menu icon).


Daniel Vanesse

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On Friday 16 June 2006 08:14, VANESSE Daniel wrote:
> Hello Kevin,
> Allow me to clarify my request. We have installed Fedora FC4 and KDE 
> 3.5 on laptops used by our engineer as tool for performing maintenance

> task on complex electro-mechanical equipment. In order to prevent 
> these people to use the laptop for another purpose, I have heavily 
> customized KDE so they can not change anything in their desktop 
> configuration (no access to shell, no right-click on the desktop, 
> icons locked, customized menus, no access to Konqueror, ...). However,

> I found by chance that, by right-clicking the start menu icon, one 
> could still access some configuration function and mess-up the system.

> I am now looking for a way to prevent that. As the laptops have been 
> sent to the users Europe wide, I need to find what option I must set 
> in which configuration file ( in the .kde directoty ? ) and then send 
> the users an update CD ( we have setup a standard update script that 
> is launched from the desktop).

The context menu action of Kicker can be restricted with kiosk using

[KDE Action Restriction]

in kickerrc, either in the user's one (.kde/share/config/kickerrc) or in
global one (actually at any level of KDEDIRS)

You can additionally mark it immutable, especially when you add it to
global configuration.

[KDE Action Restriction][$1]


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