[kde-linux] KMail auto-mark message as read with IMAP?

Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at kde.nl
Sat Jun 17 16:05:52 UTC 2006

Op zondag 11 juni 2006 17:05, schreef kde at timotheegroleau.com:
> Hi there,
> Kmail seems to automatically be marking the messages in my IMAP account as
> read. Is there something I can set to prevent that? And how can I determine
> whether this is really an issue in kmail, or possibly in the imap server?
> It's not a major problem, but because I filter some emails into folders, if
> the messages are marked read, the folder don't turn bold and I don't
> realize I have received emails I'm suppose to read :/.

I think bugs 99861, 121592 and 121969 on http://bugs.kde.org may be of some 
interest to you.

Kind regards,

Bram Schoenmakers
KDE Netherlands (www.kde.nl)

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