[kde-linux] 3.5.3 Konstructing -- missing icons?

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Mon Jun 12 12:57:55 UTC 2006

>The two kmail action-toolbar icons: mark as spam, mark as ham, seem to be 
>missing once again! Well, not really. They are where they belong, in the 
>subdirectories of kmail where I put them when I first started with 3.5. So, 
>is the 3.5.3 kmail looking for them elsewhere or with a different name?

>Kget's panel icon is missing. Again, nothing would have removed it.

>ALL of knemo's icons are missing. Again, this is an install from 
>compiled locally. So irrelevant to the 3.5.3.

>So what's happening (or will this cure itself when every last piece has been 
>compiled--I am working in one kde3.5 directory. 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 both 
>konstructed fine this way. Any other way, well, both the current $KDEDIR and 
>the configuration prefix are on the includes and can cause some strange 
>bugs!) ??

>Everything has built.
>Icons are still missing! Including the animated icon on the Konqueror 

What I guess is that the kmail action icons need to be added to SCALABLE. A 
new animal. Since these have been missing in the distribution since 3.5rc1, 
they are still missing.

So is there a way of converting to this format or might one simple copy 
meanwhile (easy enough to try, worst it could do is crash).

This might also explain why kget is missing its panel icon. What about the 

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