[kde-linux] Running PERL program in Konsole

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Jun 4 12:47:41 UTC 2006

Not my code, but the chomp in question is simply waiting for input. If I type 
enter two times, it does not complain. Elsewhere, where the resulting 
character is being tested, on must type one and enter and this would work 

>It is normal that <> waits for input from STDIN, in this case the 
>Konsole, since you did not specify anything else. In a scalar context it 
>waits for and end of line (enter). In a list context it waits for an end 
>of file (ctl-d). I do not get an uninitialized variable error using 
>ctl-d with this line of code. Perhaps you need to post more of your code.


> David Baron wrote:
> >The program is accepting input via:
> >chomp ($textin = <> );
> >
> >It is waiting for "enter". And continues waiting.
> >
> >I suppose I could type something else first. Got the program to continue
> >working hitting control/d, usual end of data. Produced error
> >Use of uninitialized value in chomp at ..... line ####
> >Program then continued on its expected track.
> >
> >What do I do for "normal" operation?
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