[kde-linux] start KDE on Mandriva Linux

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jul 31 21:26:56 UTC 2006

On Monday 31 July 2006 21:39, Amaral, Meisi (Cont, ARL/SLAD) wrote:
> Thank you for your response.
> When install Mandriva Linux 2006 from CDs, I check the feature:
> "set up your computer to automatically login one user", I also choose
> KDE to run as window manager. I don't know if there is a separate
> package (preferable free download) that I need to install for KDE on top
> of Mandriva. When I reboot after install Mandriva Linux, I saw /kde when
> do "ls -la". I also saw $DISPLAY not set scroll up when start up. I
> don't know which init file that I have to plug in for startkde and
Meisi, first, I assume that you are actually managing to launch Mandriva, but 
just in text mode, so first try typing 'startkde'.  If that's the only 
problem you can change the default to make it happen every time, using one of 
the 'drake' guis - I can't remember the name, but if necessary I'll try to 
find it for you tomorrow (I only have one Mandriva installation at the 
moment, and it's not in regular use).

If it doesn't work, it's likely that you have a display problem.  It may be 
that your graphics card or monitor are not set up properly, or it may be that 
they are unusable without extra instructions to the kernel, so the next thing 
I'd try would be to reboot, and when the lilo screen comes up (giving you the 
choice of boots) hit Esc, then type 'linux noapic nolapic'.  If that starts 
kde as you expect you will need to add that into the append line of 
lilo.conf, then, as root, run 'lilo'.

I'd be inclined to bet on that one.  I have to do it on some of my boxes.

Finally, the drakes are good guis, and they can be used from the text console 
as well, so try 'XFDrake' - I may be remembering the capitalisation wrongly, 
so you may have to experiment.  That should help you make sure that you have 
the right settings for both graphics card and monitor.


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