[kde-linux] kdm login with alternate xorg.conf file

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Tue Jul 25 14:41:33 UTC 2006

On 06/07/25 13:35 (GMT) Pollywog apparently typed:

> On Tuesday 25 July 2006 01:58, Felix Miata wrote:

>> I'm frustrated hunting down docs on this in SuSE 10.0 with KDE 3.4.2. e.g.

>> #man kdm
>> No manual entry for kdm
>> #man xinitrc
>> No manual entry for xinitrc
>> #man xinit
>> No manual entry for xini
>> #man startx
>> No manual entry for startx
>> #man xorg.conf
>> No manual entry for xorg.conf

>> likewise for .xinitrc & .xserverrc.  :-(

>> man does work, as 'man man' does bring up a man page for man. Is there
>> some extra man page rpm I need to install to have this information
>> available in SuSE?

>> I did find man pages on the web for xinit & xinitrc, but they include no
>> examples on point. Google's hits so far are just not on target.

> What happens when you run 'mandb' ?

Lots of processing & purging messages on the screen, but no help for the
above listed man attempts.
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