[kde-linux] Getting Kmailservice working in Opera

Patrick Londema patrick at evilplatypus.net
Thu Jul 20 07:21:23 UTC 2006


I'd try using the kmail command instead of kmailservice. The command line 
options for that are as follows:
-s, --subject <subject>   Set subject of message
-c, --cc <address>        Send CC: to 'address'
-b, --bcc <address>       Send BCC: to 'address'
--check                   Only check for new mail
--composer                Only open composer window

There are a few more, you can find them in the man of at the commandline 
with 'kmail --help'.

Hope that helps,

On Thursday 20 July 2006 08:32, David Baron wrote:
> (Until the konqueror crashes are solved) I want to use opera be able to
> send mail to sites using <mailto>. Opera has its own system but one can set
> it to use another. I set it to use ~kdedir/bin/kmailservice. The "composer"
> dialog comes up fine but the address and subject are not filled.
> I assume I need command line arguments. What are they?
> Thanks

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