[kde-linux] Removable media detection and configuration

Jérôme ARNAUD jerome.arnaud at comcast.net
Tue Jul 4 22:44:59 UTC 2006


I use KDE3.5.2, on Gentoo Linux, on PPC arch. 

Basically, I want to be able to launch the application of my choice upon CD 

I followed this howto:

So now, when I insert a CD, a popup appears asking what I want to do.

I want to do several thing:
1- First, if it is a blank CDR, I want to launch K3B.
So, I added an entry to the Removable Media popup:


[Desktop Action Graver un CD]
Name=Graver un CD

[Desktop Entry]
Actions=Graver un CD

If I insert a blank CD, then the K3B option is given to me. When I double 
click on it, I have a error message from KIOExec that says "Malformed URL" 
and K3B is not launched.

2- Second, when I insert a DVD, I want to launch xine. So I added a new entry:

[Desktop Action Lire le DVD]
Exec=xine dvd:/
Name=Lire le DVD

[Desktop Entry]
Actions=Lire le DVD

When I insert a DVD, the Removable Media popup is displayed with the Xine 
option. When I double click this option, I have an error from KIOExec saying 
(translation from french): "/media/hdc is a directory, a file was expected" 
and Xine is not launched. Also, the DVD is detected as a non-mounted DVD-ROM 
but it is in fact a DVD-VIDEO. I can see konqueror trying to mount it when I 
click on the Xine option.

3- finally, when I insert a CDROM and choose the option to open it in a new 
window, it is mounted at /media/hdc. I want it mounted at /media/cdrom (hell, 
UDEV makes a /dev/cdrom device, why does kde go to /dev/hdc ?).

I think that what I want to achieve is the very basis of why this Removable 
Media thing has been done.

Can someone help me fix this ?


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