[kde-linux] kpowersave and Screen Savers

Donn Washburn n5xwb at hal-pc.org
Mon Jul 3 16:40:14 UTC 2006

> Hi!
> I'm using Suse Linux 10.0 with KDE 3.4.2 and
> I am having a minor problem with the kde screen saver.
> After about 7 minutes the monitor will blank out even though
> I have the monitor power control turned off (contorl center  --> 
> peripherals ---> Display.....).
> I noticed that with this turned off, the  kpowersave program is still 
> running.
> I have tried turning power control on and setting to an hour or so 
> before allowing
> it to blank the monitor off, but it still does it in about 7 minutes.
> This is a home system using an ABIT KT7A-RAID mother board
> with an ATI 9200 SE vidio card, and  an A70F ViewSonic monitor (analog 
> only).
> I have played with some of the bois settings, but it does not seem to make
> andy difference.  The manual says that ACPI is always available on this
> mother board.
> I poseted this problem on the Suse E-mail List and only got this work
> around from another user:
>          Turn the Monitor Power Control function on with all of the sliders
>          to the disable (full left) position.
> This does indeed work with no power save capability, but only during  that
> Log in session.  If I log out and back in, I have to do this step all 
> over again.
> How do I get the power control to  honor the settings (1 hour lets say) that
> I set up in it?
I somehow miss your solution.  I have a problem here with KDE's 
screensaver a NVidia video card and Nokia 445Xi monitor.
When the screensaver turns the monitor off I need to power down/up the 
monitor to get it to come back to life.  Is this the same kind of problem?

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