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Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at kde.nl
Thu Dec 21 18:30:57 UTC 2006

Op donderdag 21 december 2006 18:07, schreef Alain M.:
> Where do I configure the protocol smb: ??
> I recently updated from Mandriva 2006=>2007 and my file names changed
> from ISO-8859-1 => UTF-8
> I don't want do delete the whole ~/.kde directory and loose all my
> configs, I whish that I could at least delete only the right file (I
> know that creating a new user it works fine)
> Help, please,
> Alain

Next time, please start a new thread instead of hijacking an older thread.

Samba settings are to be found in the KDE Control Center -> Internet & 
Network -> Samba (make sure you have kdenetwork installed)

Kind regards,

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KDE Netherlands (www.kde.nl)

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