[kde-linux] Mandriva One KDE - Date in bottom right of desktop

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Dec 8 22:11:37 UTC 2006

Dan Maday wrote:
> The date is formatted in European style dd-mm-yy instead of the American 
> mm-dd-yy. There appears no way to change the format so I display a 
> digital clock instead.
> I would really prefer the date.
> Anyone have any ideas???

Right-click the clock, click Date & Time Format. Make sure your Country 
or region is set correctly (mine's "Default"). Click Apply if you 
changed it. Then click on Time & Dates tab to set the formats to how you 
want them. Click Apply again.

That works on my GNU/Debian system, I presume KDE works the same on 

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