[kde-linux] keyboard freeze under 3.5.5

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 1 10:56:47 UTC 2006

On Thursday 30 November 2006 11:27 pm, david wrote:
> Paul Kaplan wrote:
> > On Thursday 30 November 2006 2:08 pm, david wrote:
> >> Frank Reifenstahl wrote:
> >>> just that happened to me. I identified vmware as culprit catching and
> >>> holding keyboard input. Don't know if you're running vmware, but sounds
> >>> at least like a similiar problem and maybe you run another non-KDE app
> >>> misbehaving like that.
> >
> > I was running vmware, but even after killing vmware, the problem
> > remained.  It was clearly a corrupted file in ~/.kde.
> >
> >> I seem to recall encountering something like that (keyboard input not
> >> working) about a year ago, except that it happened the moment the K
> >> login screen came up. Before that appeared, the keyboard would work fine
> >>   at GRUB and if I moused to the console login option. No VMWare
> >> involved. Sorry, I don't remember what fixed it.
> I'm recalling more. The problem was due to something wrong in one of the
> KDE libs. Doesn't fit with your problem.
I'm not so sure.  Is there a reason that a buggy kdelib could not cause a 
config file in ~/.kde to get overwritten/corrupted?  There was also a similar 
problem with an earlier version of kde 3.5.2(?) and vmware, where the 
keyboard and mouse locked up when the focus was on vmware and Xscreensaver 
kicked in.

I think you're on to something, but how to fix?  It's not happening frequently 
enough (fortunately) to be able to key in on identifying the set of 
conditions to reproduce the problem.


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