[kde-linux] Upgrading KDE on Mandrake 10.1

Pratap Codadu pratap.codadu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 07:14:53 UTC 2005


      I am new to linux.  I recently installed Mandrake 10.1 on my
machine.  This comes with KDE 3.2 interface.  KDE.ORG  shows that now
there is a KDE 3.4.2 stable upgrade.  I went to the download page and
tried to download and install the packages that are listed.  I began
with the basic package.  But the system could not install it.  Could
any one tell me how to go about installing the new version of KDE?  If
the packages could not be installed one by one, how else could one do
it?  I think a similar problem is posed by Luis also in his mail dated
29/Sept/05.   Thank you,

- C. Pratap

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