[kde-linux] Unmounting USB Key (not root)

James White james at resolutionit.ca
Tue Sep 27 05:33:15 UTC 2005

I feel like I'm getting "close" to understanding this udev thing... but not 
quite there yet.

I am setting up machines for clients who will have no root access.  They will 
be using USB-Keys - and I cannot identify them in advance by serial number so 
I have entered this in my 10-udev.rules:

KERNEL="sd[a-z][0-9]*", NAME="WonderKey%n", OWNER="root", GROUP="usb", 

As expected, I plug in a key and it shows up just nicely in the "Storage 
Media" applet.  Of course it did this BEFORE my rule too, but now it's called 
a "WonderKey".  (The name WonderKey was just so I knew that my rule was 
actually being executed.)

But even with my rule set to give GROUP-"usb" rwx permissions, members of that 
group cannot unmount the key.  The error says:

umount:  only root can unmount /dev/WonderKey1 
from /media/JAMES_KEY"

Which is exactly the situation that caused me to write my rule in the first 

So, WHERE should I be setting the "unmount" permission for my devices?

I bet I am missing something pretty darned basic here - but I've been wracking 
my brain for days on this. 

James White
GpP: DB56 8EF6

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