[kde-linux] Only root can unmount /dev/sda1

James White james at resolutionit.ca
Mon Sep 26 18:42:18 UTC 2005

This seems like I should have been able to figure it out on my own.  But a 
week later, I still haven't found any documentation on it and so I pass it to 
the List.

My environment is KDE 3.4 on Gentoo Linux 2.6.12r10 and I am trying to build 
systems for end users in environments where there will be no root access 

On my KDE desktop, I have all of my Storage Media nicely lined up in my 
Storage Media Applett.  But when I choose to "Unmount" any of my usb keys or 
floppies or cd roms or DVDs, I am informed that "only root can unmourt".  
Sure... well it wasn't root who MOUNTED it... (grin).

Now, I can get around this by adding the devices and their permissions in 
fstab - but that would totally bypass the entire concept of the 
kio_media_mounthelper.  It's automatic!  That's the POINT! ;-)

So how do I set the permissions for mountable devices - in a dynamic 
environment - that don't actually exist until someone inserts them?

There has to be a conf file somewhere right?

James White
GpP: DB56 8EF6

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