[kde-linux] KMail startup

PB111 pb111 at delphiforums.com
Thu Sep 15 14:22:01 UTC 2005

Morning - 

I'm running KDE 3.3 under Mandrake Limited Edition 2005.  I just crashed
and pretty have everything restored.  Next step is to restore all my
Kontact/KMail data.  I did a fresh install of Mandrake, and moved the .Mail directory to my home directory.

My problem is happening when I start Kontact the counter goes to 85% the
I get this message:

"KMail could not create folder '$Home/.Mail
 please make sure that you can view and modify the 
 content of the folder '/home/paul'.

I have full privileges to that folder and have no problem
creating /home/paul/.Mail

Thanks for any suggestions.

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