[kde-linux] My screensaver never activates

Patrick Larson plarz at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 21:12:00 UTC 2005

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Subject: [kde-linux] My screensaver never activates

How can I get the screensaver to activate and stay on.

My screensaver seems to never activate although it's set to come on in
20 minutes in Control Center Appearence & Themes > Screensaver.
What I get is a black screen after some timeout (10-15 minutes).


I had a similar screensaver problem with KDE 3.4.0 (SuSe 9.3).  Although the 
screensaver worked fine during preview, it did not work under normal 
circumstances.  The screen simply went blank instead of showing the 

It is not clear whether you are having exactly the same screensaver problem, 
but here is what finally solved the problem on my system:
In the system tray, find an icon that looks like an electric plug.
Click on it and select "Configure KPowersave."
On the Scheme Settings tab, CLEAR the checkbox for "Enable specific 
screensaver settings."
Click Apply/OK.


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