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Dave Nebinger dnebinger at joat.com
Tue Sep 13 01:50:07 UTC 2005

If it's an IDE-based drive, it will show up as /dev/hda, /dev/hdb, /dev/hdc, 
or /dev/hdd depending upon whether it is the primary master (hda), primary 
slave (hdb), secondary master (hdc), or secondary slave (hdd).

If it is SCSI-based, then it will show up as /dev/sdXY, where X represents a 
device and B represents the partition on the device (if it is partitioned; 
primarilly look for /dev/sdX).

If it is USB-based, well then it's a different story all together.  You need 
to know if he's running devfs or udev before we can tell you where to look 
to see if it is available.

Long story short - the device manager from the windows world doesn't exist 
in the linux world - we operate at a much lower level.

Try to provide info such as the kernel version he's running, the GUI that 
might be available (I'm going to assume that if you're posting to the KDE 
list that he's running KDE), and even whether he's used the zip drive before 
(if he has, he probably knows how to mount it for you).


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I have a question regarding kde 3.1 that I was wondering if you can help 

I'm a configuration engineer that typically only deals with Windows servers. 
One of my customers has us loading KDE 3.1 on a IBM 8190 Server and install 
an internal IOmega IDE Zip Drive.  I'm very new dealing with Linux and I'm 
not really sure where to go to confirm that the Zip drive is installed and 
is seen by the OS.

In Windows XP, I can go into the Device Manager and look under disk drives 
to see if it's there, but I am not sure where to go in KDE 3.1.

Could you tell me where to go and verify that the Zip Drive is installed and 
being seen by the OS?

Thanks for your help.


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