[kde-linux] cant compile any programs

Dave Nebinger dnebinger at joat.com
Thu Sep 8 14:26:51 UTC 2005

Okay, Stefan, it is clearer now...

Those undefined reference things means that the libaudio.so.0 was linked 
against another lib that probably provides those functions but is missing 
from the libtool command.

I'd also be worried about the warning on the conflict between libaudio.so.2 
and libaudio.so.0; not sure why you would be getting such a message...

Anyways, all of the undefined references, the ones that are blocking your 
builds from completing successfully, refer to the SdpMessage class.

This page, 
seems to indicate that others have similar problems, but no obvious solution 
was provided.

According to everything I've found on google for SdpMessage, this appears to 
be a class connected with VOIP tools; is this something that you previously 
installed?  I've seen references to KCall and kdeblackhole, none of which 
I'm using so I cannot verify the references.

At this point if I had to guess I would bet that you're probably trying to 
compile a newer kde application against an older qt/kde base.  What versions 
of qt & kde are installed?

According to the boson home page, it would appear that they have tested on 
qt 3.1 & kdelibs 3.1; if you're running a newer version of either, are you 
sure it's even supported?

Sorry, I'm sure you were looking for an answer like "all you need to do is 
this", but without further details I'm not sure I can be of any more help...

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