[kde-linux] Simultaneous sessions

Paul Smith phhs80 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 17:37:53 UTC 2005

On 9/3/05, Paul Smith <phhs80 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Is there some way of having two sessions (corresponding to different
> > > users) running simultaneously on the same computer?
> >
> > In the K menu, you have something like "start a new session" (I'm
> > french, so I don't know what is the exact english sentence, the icon is
> > a rocket). Then you can type Ctrl-Alt-F8 to find the new session and
> > Ctrl-Alt-F7 to return to the first one.
> Thanks, Christophe, but Fedora Core 4 does not have "start a new
> session" on the K menu.

Someone sent me his kdmrc file and if I replace my whole general
section with his, a menu entry "Start New Session" is added to the K
menu, under "Switch User", after a reboot. I am inserting the general
section of his kdmrc hoping that someone here can identify what is
relevant to solve the reported problem.



# This option exists solely for the purpose of a clean automatic upgrade.
# Do not even think about changing it!
# List of permanent displays. Displays with a hostname are foreign. A display
# class may be specified separated by an underscore.
# Default is ":0"
# List of on-demand displays. See StaticServers for syntax.
# Default is ""
# VTs to allocate to X-servers. A negative number means that the VT will be
# used only if it is free. If all VTs in this list are used up, the next free
# one greater than the last one in this list will be allocated.
# Default is ""
# TTYs (without /dev/) to monitor for activity while in console mode.
# Default is ""
# Where KDM should store its PID (do not store if empty).
# Default is ""
# Whether KDM should lock the PID file to prevent having multiple KDM
# instances running at once. Do not change unless you are brave.
# Default is true
# Where to store authorization files.
# Default is "/var/run/xauth"
# Whether KDM should automatically re-read configuration files, if it
# finds them having changed.
# Default is true
# Additional environment variables KDM should pass on to all programs it runs.
# LD_LIBRARY_PATH and XCURSOR_THEME are good candidates;
# otherwise, it should not be necessary very often.
# Default is ""
# A character device KDM should read entropy from.
# Empty means use the system's preferred entropy device.
# Default is ""
# Where the command FiFos should be created; make it empty to disable
# them.
# Default is "/var/run/xdmctl"
# The group to which the global command FiFo should belong;
# can be either a name or a numerical ID.
# Default is 0
# The directory in which KDM should store persistent working data.
# Default is "/var/lib/kdm"
# The directory in which KDM should store users' .dmrc files. This is only
# needed if the home directories are not readable before actually logging in
# (like with AFS).
# Default is ""

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