[kde-linux] Odd font and/or KDE issue

Rosenstrauch, David david.rosenstrauch at csfb.com
Wed Sep 7 15:34:48 UTC 2005

Having a small (but annoying) problem with one of my fonts on KDE.  This is either a KDE or general X issue - I'm not sure which.

It seems like for at least one particular font ("Fixed [Misc]") the available font sizes that I can select from (in the KDE font selector widget in the Control Center) will change depending upon the X screen mode currently in use.  For example, on a desktop at home that's set to "1280x1024", font size 11 is one of the choices.  However on my laptop, which is set to "800x600", 11 isn't an option; 10 is the next smallest choice.  And on a box here at work, the available selections are different depending on whether I'm sitting directly at the box (and thus in mode "1152x864") or connecting via VNC (and thus in mode "800x600").

Anyone know why this should be the case?  I would think that the list of font sizes available would be fixed, regardless of what mode you were running X in.  Obviously some fonts would look inappropriately large or small in some modes, but I would think they should all be there.  Is this a KDE thing?  An X thing?  An issue specifically with the "Fixed [Misc]" font?  (I wasn't able to even figure out what kind of font that is, and where it's located under /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/)

If anyone's got some info about what's going on here and how to fix it, I'd really appreciate it.



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