[kde-linux] My screensaver never activates

Larry Alkoff labradley at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 7 04:39:15 UTC 2005

Larry Alkoff wrote:
> How can I get the screensaver to activate and stay on.
> My screensaver seems to never activate although it's set to come on in 
> 20 minutes in Control Center Appearence & Themes > Screensaver.
> What I get is a black screen after some timeout (10-15 minutes).
> The only way I can get it started at all is to put
> the cursor on the top right corner of the screen and
> wait approx 10 seconds.  Screensaver will then start but reverts to a 
> black screen after the timeout.
> Advanced options > Autolock is set to on for Upper right corner.
> Require password to stop and Make aware of power management are _not_ 
> checked.

A little more information.

Using KDE 3.3.2 in Slackware 10.1

I can start the screensaver the normal way but only for a short time.

When I change the screensaver activation time to 1 minute instead of 20,
the screensaver indeed starts after 1 minute and cuts out 18 minutes 
later.  So the 18 minute timeout is obviously "covering up" the 
screensaver since it doesn't have time to start when set at 20.

I've looked all over the Control Center menus but can't find anything 
that would apply to the 18 minute timeout.

Under Peripherals > Display > Power Control the box that says
"Enable display power management" is _not_ checked.


Larry Alkoff N2LA - Austin TX
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