[kde-linux] trouble modifying files over smb using kate & konqueror

Ben Zipperer zip at cepr.net
Fri Sep 2 16:36:10 UTC 2005

How do I modify files on an smb share using kate and konqueror?

When browsing a remote smb share using konqueror, I'm unable to save 
changes to files using kate. For instance, using konqueror I can open 
pre-existing test.txt on smb://remotemachine via kate. Then

(1) If I modify test.txt, close kate, and choose to save changes, kate 
just saves the modified file to localmachine. Nothing on remotemachine 
is changed or is requested to be changed.

(2) If I modify text.txt, and save changes without closing kate, I'm 
prompted with

File Was Modified on Disk - Kate

The file 'file:/var/tmp/kdecache-user/krun/7440.0.test.txt' was changed 
(deleted) on disk by another program!
What do you want to do?

Reload File; Ignore Changes; Cancel.

Again, test.txt on remotemachine remains unchanged.

I don't think this is a problem with file permissions, as I'm able to 
browse via konqueror, modify and save test.txt via gedit: first gedit 
saves changes locally to a temp file, then KIOExec notices there have 
been changes to the file and asks me if I want to upload them to the 
remote machine. I'm also able to browse smb://remotemachine via 
nautilus, use kate, and save changes to remotemachine directly in kate 
without closing kate.

Any thoughts?

I'm running Centos 4 and the KDE 3.3 that came with it.

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