[kde-linux] Using Konquerer to view new hard drive

Enrico Giubertoni enrico.giubertoni at email.it
Fri Sep 2 11:37:38 UTC 2005

> Have just installed (correctly i hope) a new hard
> drive in addition to the original one.  i want to
> clone it with my original hard drive using a program
> called Mondo.  How can i "see" this new hard drive
> with Konquerer?  Is it possible?

Well, in my opinion, you have to split up your question.

I do not know Mondo but I think first of all you have to create your 
partitions on your new HD (USE Mondo or Whatever you Want is the same).

Secondly you have to modify your fstab file (see your OS documentation) adding 
the new partition or the new disk.

Then FINALLY ;-) in KDE you make simlink to the new Partition and so you will 
see in Konqueror the new disk.


Probably if your linux distribution uses udev, you do not have to modify fstab

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