[kde-linux] One Way or the Other?

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Oct 30 17:29:17 UTC 2005

I presently have a 3.3.4 (previous Debian Sid) and 3.4.3 (local konstruct) 
KDE. Most all applications are using the 3.4.3 except kplayer for some reason 
still using the older. I set paths as per instructions and also ldconfig'd 
the local 3.4.3 libraries.

I have asked on the Debian list and on this list how to go one way or the 
other with no results. Debian Sid seems a hopeless mess since it will remove 
applications that work fine with 3.4.3 in order to install 3.4.2. All 
these ....c2 library dependancies are also preventing any upgrade of 
audio--arts, jackd, rosegarten, etc., etc.

So how do I go one way or the other? The "outer" apps suchs as kmail and 
konqueror are not on the local konstruct. Do I build all of this, koffice, 
etc., there? This is a pretty long list to build piecemeal. Or is there some 
way to get Debian's apt to recognize 3.4.3 and allow everything to run and 
upgrade based on this?

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