[kde-linux] who makes rules for the /media folder?

Jes Hall jhall at kde.org
Wed Oct 26 23:10:29 UTC 2005

On Thursday 27 October 2005 08:31, James White wrote:
> I have been fighting for weeks trying to figure out how my /media folder is
> populated.  It didn't seem to exist before KDE was installed and so it's
> new to me.
> The computer(s) I am working on currently has /media/cdrom and /media/cdrw.
> Now that is nice.. but they have root:root ownership so the users cannot
> play music or burn CD's.
> These symlinks don't appear to be created by udev so I cannot change the
> default behaviour.  I THINK that this is a KDE thing - is it?

This is nothing to do with KDE but your distribution. You will get more 
detailed and accurate help if you try the IRC channel or list for your 
distribution. In future, for KDE specific problems it also helps us if you 
can tell us what linux distribution you're using when you ask for help :)

I imagine that install KDE may have pulled in hal/dbus as dependancies and 
this is how your /media folder is becoming populated - and why it's only 
happened since installing KDE. It's not part of KDE, but KDE can have support 
for it to make using removable devices easier.


Jes Hall

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