[kde-linux] Adobe Reader 7 won't display in Firefox

Thomas Taylor linxt at comcast.net
Wed Oct 26 07:07:01 UTC 2005

For some reason I am unable to get a pdf document to display in Firefox.  I 
downloaded the Reader 7 and installed it including the plugin for 
Mozilla/Firefox.  Entering about:plugins in the url bar shows that the reader 
is there (nppdf.so) and all the modes are enabled.

All I get is a blank screen.  I can go to File > Save Page As and it saves as 
a pdf which I can open with the Reader program.

The associations have been set in control center.  I'm not sure where to go 
from here.  Any suggestions?

Firefox 1.0.7-1.1.fc4
Adobe Reader 7.0.0
KDE 3.4.2-0.fc4.1


Tom Taylor
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Federal Way, WA
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