[kde-linux] Hanging during login

Venantius Kumar venanks at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 06:06:21 UTC 2005

I am running KDE 3.4.3 on PCLinuxOS.

Whenever I login to KDE the first time after a fresh boot, the whole desktop
just stays there after loading the kicker panel. My background image does
not appear nor any of the other panels (KSim etc.). I have to CTRL-BKSPC and
login again and everything goes smoothly.

Now this problem persisted since ver 3.4.2. Nobody else in PCLinuxOS forums
/ mailing lists has this problem. In fact only my user id has this problem
other users on my system do not have this problem.

Further investigating this "hanging" situation, I switched to a virtual
console when the "hanging" condition happens, and using top I can see all my
application has already started but its just not displayed on the screen.
This brings be to the notion that something is preventing the login to

Now if someone can assist me in troubleshooting this I would be very
grateful. I want to know if there are any log file that records what gets
loaded or any error that are thrown.


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