[kde-linux] Koffice and libxml2.la

Jan Simonson nytt at simonson.se
Fri Oct 21 14:44:15 UTC 2005

fredagen den 21 oktober 2005 16.20 skrev Rex Dieter:

> > When compiling koffice 1.4.2 from source on a FC4 system it stops
> > with:
> > grep: /usr/lib/libxml2.la: No such file or directory
> > /bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/libxml2.la: No such file or
> > directory libtool: link: `/usr/lib/libxml2.la' is not a valid
> > libtool archive make[4]: *** [libmswordimport.la] Fel 1
> You need libxml2-devel installed.
> $ yum install libxml2-devel
> should do the trick.
Sorry, but no, that does not do the trick as libxml2.la isn't in the 
latest libxml2-devel package. Se my first post.

> However, not sure why you want to compile koffice-1.4.2 from
> source, since it's available from Fedora Extras:
> $ yum install koffice-suite
Well, I'm compiling all of kde myself as the fc packages have very 
little resemblance with the original kde, which I like much better. 

Jan Simonson

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