[kde-linux] Trouble with Xinerama on Redhat EL 3.0

christophe christophe.dr at free.fr
Fri Oct 21 09:39:49 UTC 2005

Le vendredi 21 Octobre 2005 02:18, Prasad Athawale a écrit :
> 1) X starts up - I think in Xinerama mode - since the screen is blank, the
> mouse pointer one the left screen, and I can move it over to the right
> screen.
> 2) On starting KDE by doing a startx, I get identical displays on both the
> screens, and I can continue to move my mouse pointer from one screen to the
> other.
> The only option I do see - is:
> Desktop->Panels on the right hand side I see 'Xinerama' and options to set
> panel for either screens. Just now I discovered on clicking 'Identify' I
> see both numbers - 1 and 2 over one another on both the screens.
> What am I doing wrong here ??
> Aso I think it would be worthwhile to mention, I'm using a Radeon X330
> Card, and using a DVI to VGA Splitter.[...]
> > Here's my XF86Config: 

Sorry no clues for you. Just to mention that i saw the same behaviour on an 
asus w1n laptop with radeon 9600 and i have almost the same xorg.conf . So i 
vote for your bug.
Hope someone can help.

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