[kde-linux] Trash Problems on 3.4.2

Steven Pasternak stevenp500 at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 20 21:30:08 UTC 2005

Hi! I use Fedora 4 kde 3.4.2, and I just deleted huge amounts of junk 
(10+GB of junk under ~/Documents), and now the trash is busted. If I put 
something in it, it is fine, but when I delete stuff the actual files 
disapear, but the progress dialog just hangs at 0%. I tried deleting 
/tmp/*steven*, /var/tmp/*steven*, ~/.local, and ~/.kde, and nothing 
helped. Is this a bug in kde? It was working fine until I had deleted 
about 6GB of junk. Some was DVD iso images, and some was kernel source 
(a LOT of little <1MB files). Any ideas? Thanks!

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