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James White james at resolutionit.ca
Fri Oct 14 16:58:24 UTC 2005

On October 14, 2005 11:23 am, nexyufuli evo wrote:

> hm, I checked it out, but there seams to me one major problem. If I
> start a session, the server opens a window wich is asking the server
> user if he wants to allow the session. But there wille be noone there.
> Exept of this it seams to work without problems in a lan. (Couldnt test
> it over the net.)

OK, now go to the configuration page in kfrb and choose:
   X Allow uninvited connections
      Announce service on the network
      Confirm uninvited connections before accepting
   X Allow uninvited connections to control the desktop

Then, choose a password.   

Now tell me the truth... how hard did you try before giving up?  :-)

As for SSH encryption... I won't swear to it but I believe that it is already 

You are looking too hard... the answer is here I think.

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