[kde-linux] Fwd: default desktop for all users

Robert Cole mailinglist at support4linux.com
Fri Oct 14 06:50:33 UTC 2005

So I take it no one has ever wanted to do this before? It doesn't seem like 
such an odd thing to me if you want to use KDE as the desktop for a company.

No one has any idea how to default KDM to a specific desktop? I know it 
retains the last choice for each user but I need to lock the choice to just 
one and use that when a new user logs in the first time.

Any ideas?

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Subject: [kde-linux] default desktop for all users
Date: Monday 10 October 2005 09:51 am
From: Robert Cole <mailinglist at support4linux.com>
To: kde-linux at kde.org

Is there a way to get kdm to default to a specific desktop from kdm even if
they haven't logged in before? I haven't been able to find a way to set a

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