[kde-linux] X configuration/Xorg 6.9

Jes Hall jhall at kde.org
Thu Oct 13 03:48:38 UTC 2005

Paul Kaplan wrote:
> I have a Thinkpad T40 (2373) with a Radeon M7 video card.  It is connected to 
> a Sony X93 external LCD monitor.
> With Mandrake 9.2, 10.0, and 10.1 running XFree and more recently XOrg through 
> verson 6.8, the XF86Config file shown below allowed me to work with a single 
> virtual desktop spanning the internal and external LCDs (Xinerama).

You'd be much better served by asking on a mailing list for the purpose 
of supporting Mandriva or generic xorg problems. This list is for issues 
relating to KDE on Linux =)


Jes Hall.

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