[kde-linux] how to bind mouse buttons

Linh.H.Phan@jpl.nasa.gov phan at grover.jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jul 21 00:29:25 UTC 2005


  could some KDE expert please verify whether binding mouse buttons
is or is not possible so I can start looking into other Window Manager
options if necessary.

Thank you,

PS  Please send reply to phan at grover.jpl.nasa.gov since I don't seem to get
    any daily email from kde-linux at kde.org as I was expecting.  Thank you.

> Hi,
>   I am transitioning from TWM to KDE and I was wondering
> how I can translate my TWM key bindings to KDE; for example,
> I am used to have the "iconify" action mapped to 
> "Alt+Shift+MouseButton1" with this in my .twmrc:
> Button1 = m|s : w         : f.iconify
> How can I configure KDE (using SUSE Linux 9.2) to do the same?  
> I tried to go 
> "Control Center->Regional & Accessibility->Keyboard Shortcuts->
> Resize Window->Custom"
> and then pressing the "Alt+Shift" + MouseButton1, but the 
> MouseButton1 will not get reigster in the "Primary Shortcut".
> Please help.
> Thank you,
> Linh

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