[kde-linux] DKE XNest Z-Axsis Problem (Post 2)

Glenn Martin grmartin at mac.com
Fri Jul 15 12:47:53 UTC 2005

currently im using SSH and X-Forwarding to Access a Slackware 10.1  
box (KDE 3.4). I find when using Xnest ( the client could be anything  
ive tried OS X Tiger my Main System, CYGWIN Windows, and another  
Slack Box) Windows popup on the wrong Z-Order. For Example. On V- 
Desktop 1 if i run KDev and want a new project the new project dialog  
loads BEHIND KDev, if i Minimize KDev (to the Panel) and then Restore  
it. It runs just fine. Z-Order Corrects its self, untill another  
window is spawned. This effects any and all windows. Any idea why?


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