[kde-linux] Printing problem - 2nd request (no ideas?)

Thomas Taylor linxt at comcast.net
Thu Jul 14 01:07:58 UTC 2005

Hi All:

Since changing from FC3 to FC4 (KDE 3.4.1-0.fc4.1 Red Hat) I've had a problem 
trying to print from KDE apps.  The problem only applies to the KDE apps, 
everything else (Firefox, Abiword, etc) prints correctly.

Something in the printer configuration is apparently not set correctly for 
text mode printing.  The error message I get indicates, to 
me, that there is a problem converting text into printable (postscript) form.  
Maybe I'm just misinterpreting the error message?

>>>>>>>>>>>> error message <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The MIME type application/postscript is not supported as input of the filter 
chain (this may happen with non-CUPS spoolers when performing page selection 
on a non-PostScript file). Do you want KDE to convert the file to a supported 
>>>>>>>>>>>> error message ends <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The queue type is "Networked-Unix (LPD)" which I have been using since FC2 
without problems until the FC4 final.

I've gone through the configuration files and didn't notice anything unusual.  
I've also looked in the list archives which showed some people having similar 
problems with the FC3 version but unfortunately, the archives don't show the 
downline responses.

Can anyone tell me where to look or what to do with the filters to solve this 


Tom Taylor
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Federal Way, WA
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