[kde-linux] resume from suspend still leaves video dark

Richard Pickett Richard.Pickett at CSRTechnologies.com
Fri Jul 8 07:34:22 UTC 2005

slack 9.1 x/kde running on a dell latitude Csx. Works great. Loaded apmd
and suspend keys, etc, works as advertised

Except one small thing.  If I unplug the charging cable the video gets 
dimmer. It looks like this is an X or a KDE thing, since the backlight
still bright, just the colors get darker on the screen. I can even
switch to 
the laptop's power mgm page while the video is dimmer and it shows that
same brightness is used for both on AC and Batt.  And I can ALT-CTRL-F1
the screen looks as bright as ever, but switching back to X with
and it's dim again. So I'm pretty sure it's X or KDE or something
that is purposely dimming the colors down.

To make matters worse, when I plug the charging cable back in, apm shows

it's back on AC but the display stays dimmed down.

And the same when I suspend, then resume. Even if it stays on the power
the whole time. Once the screen dims down the only way to get it back is
exit telinit 3 and then back to 4 again.  What a pain.  I never want it
go dim, I can control that from the power mgm controls in the laptop

Is there some X or KDE option somewhere that does this? Any help would


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