[kde-linux] media:/ problem : how to configure?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Dec 9 06:45:18 UTC 2005

Donatas G. wrote:
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> In my kde 3.5 running on Kubuntu 5.10 I have a problem with media:/ feature.
> By default, when I enter media:/ , it shows an icon for my floppy. I
> insert a floppy, and click on the floppy icon to mount it and view the
> contents.
> The path in address bar changes to media:/fd0, but the contents of the
> floppy do not get displayed.
> The floppy does get mounted at the click of the icon in media:/ , on
> /media/floppy/ and I can see the contents if I go there.
> I have created a soft link /media/fd0 > /media/floppy  but it does not
> help: i still cannot see the contents of the floppy when I mount it
> through media:/
> Where can I change the settings of media:/ to synch the place where it
> mounts the floppy to what it shows after clicking the floppy icon in
> media:/  ?

The "settings of media" are the contents of your: "/etc/fstab" file.

Try changing the device for the floppy to: "/dev/fd0H1440" (presuming 
that you have a 1.44 Meg 3.5 inch floppy, otherwise you will need a 
different device).  So you line in fstab would be:

/dev/fd0H1440  /media/floppy  auto  rw,users,noauto,umask=0  0 0

or something like that.


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