[kde-linux] using a USB flash mem key in kde-3.5?

Christopher J. Bottaro cjbottaro at alumni.cs.utexas.edu
Mon Dec 5 17:08:47 UTC 2005

I just upgraded to KDE-3.5 (Fedora Core 4) and I'm having problems when I
plug in my USB flash memory key (it's actually an mp3 player).  When I plug
it in, KDE pops up a little dialog asking me what to do.  I click on open
in konqueror and it opens a konqueror window with system:/media/sdb1 in the
location bar.  The page is blank and after a while, the busy indicator
stops.  The weird thing is that my system mounts it in /media/usbdiskN, but
nothing shows up in system:/media/sbd1.

Three questions:
1)  How do I get this to work properly?
2)  Why does my system keep making new directories in /media/ everytime I
plug the device in?  If plug/unplug it in 3 times, there will be three
entires in /media/:  /media/usbdisk/, /media/usbdisk1/,
and /media/usbdisk2.
3)  When I unplug it, it doesn't unmount /media/usbdiskN/, how do I remedy

Thanks for the help.

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