[kde-linux] how to troubleshoot browser - http

Robert doisneau at sonic.net
Sun Dec 4 01:54:13 UTC 2005

Here is the answer to the problem of dns resolution in the browsers.

my provider gave me 3 new dns servers to use a month ago.
Those don't seem to do name resolution somehow.

My other machine in my network did not get updated (I completely forgot 
that the TCP/IP in MsWindows had to be reconfigured too).
So my firewall and my linux web server were using the new DNS that dont 
work and my laptop was using the old one that works.
that easy.
good thing that I did not update the laptop because I would be still 
scratching my head trying to figure out why it does not work.

thank you for your helping me troubleshoot it.

At 02:18 PM 12/3/2005, you wrote:
>lördagen den 3 december 2005 02.55 skrev dwmoar:
> > what do you have in your /etc/resolv.conf file ?
> > is your nameservers listed ?
>Yes, this is my resolv.conf slightly cencored:
>nameserver 192.168.X.X  (My own machine running named)
>nameserver X.X.X.X  (My providers first DNS)
>nameserver X.X.X.X  (My providers second DNS)
>and everything works nicely. The last two lines are only for backup
>when I stop my named to change something.
>Jan Simonson
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