[kde-linux] Mime file-types missing complaints from konqueror (SOLVED!)

Guy Zelck guy.zelck at tiscali.be
Sat Dec 3 22:24:37 UTC 2005

Kevin Krammer wrote:

>On Saturday 03 December 2005 12:46, Guy Zelck wrote:
>>Guy Zelck wrote:
>>>Hello KDE users,
>>>My setup got slightly fucked up after installing Oxygen (java xml editor).
>>>I don't know what it dit but everytime I start up konqueror it shows me
>>>popups complaining that :
>>>Can't find mime file-type inode/directory, inode/directory-locked,
>>>inode/blockdevice, inode/chardevice, inode/socket and inode/fifo.
>>>I also noticed that when you open a new tabbed window, the icons to the
>>>left and right of the tab are replaced by the default icon (a white
>>>sheet with bended lower-right corner).
>>>The file-browser part (kfmclient openProfile filemanagement) won't even
>>>show the directory contents anymore.
>>>I re-defined these mime-types in $HOME/.profile/share/mimelnk/kdedevice
>>>again but it does not help.
>>>Does anyone know how to remedy this?
>Try moving .kde/share/mimelnk away when the user's KDE session is not running 
>(just to be sure)
>This should reset the filetype associations to the defaults installed by the 
>distribution packages.
I found the reason for this. Nothing to do with konq, I had a file 
system corruption on /opt (xfs) during installation of oxygen.
I didn't notice it cause my system continued to work. Only the next day, 
after rebooting, a few weird symptoms appeared.
I repaird the fs with xfs_repair and re-installed kdelibs3.
And now "I'm back" as Schwarzy would say.
Thanks for reaching out.

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