[kde-linux] how to troubleshoot browser - http

Robert doisneau at sonic.net
Fri Dec 2 23:18:19 UTC 2005

At 03:03 PM 12/2/2005, you wrote:
>fredagen den 2 december 2005 19.39 skrev Robert:
> >  I can use the browsers with IPs but not domain names.
> > thank you
>Do you have named running on your system? This i definitely a DNS
>problem and if you have it running, stop it and try again. There
>might be an incorrect setup of named.

chkconfig --list | grep named
returns:off in 0123456

>Do you have the same problem with firefox? Then its not a Kde problem,
>but something wrong with your basic system.

Yes all browsers: konqueror, mozilla, firefox.
One thing I discovered today is that I can access the web site of my 
provider: www.sonic.net using the domainname,
but I cannot do any other domains like www.lemonde.fr or www.google.com.
I can use IPS only.

thank you so much

>Jan Simonson
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