[kde-linux] Different .kde files for different hosts

James Bigler bigler at cs.utah.edu
Mon Aug 29 20:33:53 UTC 2005

Manuel Amador wrote:
> KDEHOME is the wrong variable for this.  Use KDEDIRS and
> a /etc/profile.d script if you want to achieve layered configuration
> based on host name, or the moon phase.
> El jue, 25-08-2005 a las 18:37 -0700, James Richard Tyrer escribió:
>>Kevin Krammer wrote:
>>>On Friday 26 August 2005 00:43, James Bigler wrote:
>>>>I work at a place with many varied installations of Linux and conversely
>>>>KDE. My home directory is mounted via NFS on all these machines, so .kde is
>>>>shared between them.
>>>>I'm having problems when I log into another machine that is running a
>>>>different version of KDE or has a different setup.  For example my
>>>>workstation has dual monitors while many other machines do not.  The .kde
>>>>directory gets shared between conflicting versions of KDE and things start
>>>>to go bad.
>>>>I was wondering if there was a way to get KDE to look into different paths
>>>>based on the machine.  That way I could have effectively a .kde-host1 and a
>>>>.kde-host2 and keep them separate.
>>>Yes, quite easily.
>>>KDE defaults to .kde in the user's home directory, but will take the directory 
>>>the environment variable KDEHOME points to
>>Yet another reason why we shouldn't store users data in the KDEHOME 
>>directory.    Or, perhaps we could also have a KDEDATA directory 
>>environment directory and by default they could both be: "~/.kde".
>>Here this user has a problem.  If he has two different KDEHOMEs, where 
>>does he put his mail, calendar, etc. data?

I looked through the manual from the KDE help system, and I didn't even see a 
mention of KDEDIRS.  The only place I've been able to find it was the Wiki page. 
  If you could point to a particular piece of manual that describes what you 
mean, I would appreciate it.

If I want my calendar and stuff to be shared (like the alarms), couldn't I 
simply create soft links from ~/.kde-host1/share/apps/kalarm and 
~/.kde-host2/share/apps/kalarm to ~/.kde-global/share/apps/kalarm?


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