[kde-linux] Fedora Core 3/4

Mike Bear scubapro.bear at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 05:01:48 UTC 2005

I just recently tried FC 3 and found it to be a good distro, loaded without 
incident and seemed stable.

However, my main complaint with it is that it is the only distro [to my 
knowledge] that does not recognize NTFS disks out of the box and I have 
several that I need to copy files from into Linux, so I switched to SuSe 9.3, 
which does the job quite well: you can copy your NTFS files directly into 
Linux from a File browser, such as Nautilus or Konqueror in Suse. 

Tip: I don't recommend the so-called 'NTFS Kernel Patches' that supposedly 
allow FC to 'recognize' NTFS disks [read only]. If you 'google' them, you'll 
see that most support for them has been withdrawn from the main websites 
offering them [I think it's only one, I believe] and they caution you: Use 
at Your Own Risk, ie: you risk data loss.

Just my two cents,

Mike Bear

"Blessed are they who learn from their mistakes. For they shall make, if not 
necessarily fewer of them, different and more interesting ones."

Rapture of the Deep: http://scubapro25.blogspot.com/
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