[kde-linux] What is your opinion of Fedora 4 Core?

Dan Maday danmaday at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 15:07:02 UTC 2005

This is a bait off topic but I am curious. 
I tried to load Fedora Core 4 on a new, but cheapie, server and I got Kernel Panic messages. I got around the error once. Then I got an ARTSmesaage saying that my sound network was not recognized using my onboard sound card so no sound. Three PCI sound cards later I had sound and could even play .WAV files. Then I tried to listen to www.live365.com  (internet radio) using Music Player which came up with an error in the ALSA defaults which I didn't know how to solve. I searched Google for Shoutcast players and found the XMMS is the best, and found that it is not included in the Fedora 4 Core release.
My experience with Fedora 4 is frustrating. I wonder why everything is so hard.
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