[kde-linux] Different .kde files for different hosts

James Bigler bigler at cs.utah.edu
Thu Aug 25 22:43:32 UTC 2005

I work at a place with many varied installations of Linux and conversely KDE. 
My home directory is mounted via NFS on all these machines, so .kde is shared 
between them.

I'm having problems when I log into another machine that is running a different 
version of KDE or has a different setup.  For example my workstation has dual 
monitors while many other machines do not.  The .kde directory gets shared 
between conflicting versions of KDE and things start to go bad.

I was wondering if there was a way to get KDE to look into different paths based 
on the machine.  That way I could have effectively a .kde-host1 and a .kde-host2 
and keep them separate.


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