[kde-linux] kde-linux Digest, Vol 29, Issue 24

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Aug 23 13:01:28 UTC 2005

nick gardner wrote:
> I am using suse 9.0 and want to install kde but i
> don't find it and also i want to know if kde can be
> used to program database programs like visual basic 6
> for windows?

Note, please start a new message with a new title rather than replying 
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KDE is a Desktop Environment, it does not do Database.

To do database in UNIX/Linux you need a real database server program.  I 
use MySQL but there are others available which are probably just as good 
or better.  You can even install IBM DB2 if you have a large commercial 
app, but it doesn't have as much support at the present time.  Then for 
simple database operations, you can get a KDE based front end such as: 
DataKiosk or use the KOffice app Kexi.  They you will have a setup like 
MS Access, but using a real SQL database.  You can also use the database 
app in OpenOffice to do database stuff.  If you want to write your own 
programs in an interpreted language, UNIX/Linux doesn't have much 
support for BASIC.  If you want to do this (to create your own database 
programs) I suggest Python.  You would need to install PyQt and/or the 
KDE bindings for Python and probably some addons to Python to do SQL. 
If you must have BASIC, I think that there are some BASIC projects for 
UNIX/Linux and perhaps GNOME was working on that.  Note that you can run 
non-KDE apps on the X desktop along with KDE without any significant issues.


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