[kde-linux] Adding to Autostart

roach robert_spencer at mighty.co.za
Sat Aug 20 21:08:04 UTC 2005

On Saturday 20 August 2005 20:36, Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D. wrote:
> > Globally by placing a "Link to program" .desktop file into the global
> > autostart directory $(kde-config --prefix)/share/autostart or by placing
> > into the user's autostart directory $(kde-config --userpath autostart)
> and the command(s) to accomplish this are?????

~/.kde/Autostart/xscreensaver.desktop :
[Desktop Entry]

BTW, are you sure you need this? I only needed this once because of a bug in 
Mandrake. Most other distro's handle xscreensaver fine through:

KMenu > Control Center > Appearance & Themes > Screen Saver

Robert "roach" Spencer
South Africa

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