[kde-linux] about kde update...again :D

Lightme beosaires lightme.beosaires at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 02:05:51 UTC 2005

Hi is me again ...yes if something can't remember me X'D

Well hi to all on the lits my fellows.

I am updating KDE on my suse 9.1 to KDE 3.4.2, but now i have tow
litlle problems here.

Fist of all, there is one library i can't not find, is the libtunepimp.so.1.

The other problem is a bout one directory i need, is the
/usr/bin/sgml-register-catalog. I create these directory but not
works, also i look on the package sites but is not there...┬┐what means

I am searching on the web now for the answers, but if can't help me,
is great for me ;D

Oh and thanks to all :)

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